Best contact forms plugins

Adding a simple contact form is essential part of even a very simple web page. What are the best plugins for creating such simple forms?

(The review of more advanced form plugins is here: )

Contact Form is a simple plugin that does exactly what it name promises. You can configure options for just one form and add it to your pages or posts as a shortcode.

The form is translatable with .po files, which is nice – possibility to add custom fields would be nice also.


Magic contact (WP) is a jQuery Contactable based plugin, which has a scary url in WordPress plugins repository. But still – we’ll download and check it out. The plugin is a pure javascript so it will be visible only in javascript enabled browser, not in search engines or any other types of data readers. This makes it probably bot-proof by nature.

The configuration is simple and straightforward, you can enter labels for fields, the e-mail address your email need to go and that’s all.

If enabled it will appear on all pages and posts as a slider labelled as “Feedback”. Although a very nice and simple plugin, only it won’t allow custom fields. The design is customizable by theme css. It is a nice, fast, simple contact form plugin. Recommended, if it fits your design.

Slick contact forms is again a simpler plugin meant for contact form management. It has unexceptionally high plugin rating – again we have a quality piece of software here. Administration interface screenshot below.


Contact Form 7  plugin is a very flexible way of creating contact forms. But at the same time it requires user to copy around shortcodes and have some understanding of html. It allows to enter all the field names, error messages and create form with different fields, also format mails sent by the form.

For creating custom contact forms we would probably use this plugin as seasoned developers;). For people, who don’t like to mess around with code – it needs some.


And really, I have reviewed only some form plugins here, all other suggestions would be welcome.

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